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1. Pool Location

2. Shape, Size and Location

3. Site Meeting

4. Your block is ready, and your plans are approved

5. What to give your pool contractor

6. After the Pool is installed

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Pool Location

It is important to be mindful when selecting the location of your new pool. We suggest engaging with a pool company early on to determine where your pool is to be located on your property and also to gain specifications for how wide, long and deep the pool is to be. If the pool is located within 1.8 metres of the home under construction – the client may be required to install the pool after handover, due to build restrictions with regard to OH&S. If the pool is located more than 1.8 and up to 3 metres of the home under construction – the client will be required to cover the entire pool area with an engineered solid platform that conforms with Australian standards, also requiring a certified handover certificate. It is also important to remove any hazards around the pool that may cause a risk (example: starter bars).If the pool is located more than 3 meters of the home under construction then it must be fenced off and secured to allow no persons access. If the pool area cannot be secured then a cover must be installed over the entire pool area with an engineered solid platform (at the discretion of Arden Vale Homes OH&S management).

Please note: Your site costs may or may not increase due to any additional engineering requirements specified.

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Shape, Size and Location

Once you have selected your pool type, size and pool installation company, you will need to provide us with the following information in regards to your pool specifications:

  • Length, width and depth of pool
  • Pool location and setback from house
  • Pool heater gas megajoule requirement
  • Pool heater location

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Site Meeting

Providing this information has been given to our office, your documents will be updated accordingly. We will include your swimming pool to your siting with the specifications you have provided, and your tender documents can include the upgrade of your gas line, add a tap point and waste point to suit your pool which is required post pool installation (not required for an existing pool). Any additional requirements will be reflected accordingly in this document

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Your block is ready, and your plans are approved

Whether you are a Knockdown & Rebuild project or a newly titled block of land, you must wait until either your demolition has been completed or your title has been granted before the next steps can take place. At this time you will need to make contact with a Set Out company before pool construction can begin (not required for existing pools). The Set Out company will peg out the rear dimensions of the home, showing the correct position of the new structure in relation to the property boundaries. This will then allow the pool company to know the exact location to install your pool.

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What to give your pool contractor

You will need to provide your pool company with a copy of the SITE approved plans with the Soil results applied. Please check with your Building Coordinator that you have the most recent set of plans as your pool company must know the current levels of the block are true and correct. The Set Out company will also provide you with a set out survey to send through to your chosen pool company. Your installation can now go ahead!

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After the Pool is installed

  • Please notify your Building Coordinator once your pool construction has been completed.
  • Before construction of your new home begins please ensure you have installed the temporary fencing or engineered hardcover required in our Porter Davis OH&S guidelines.
  • Pool engineered hardcover/solid platform requirements.
  • Arden vale Homes recommends pool void protection from Build Safe or ATF.

We recommend you contact either of the recommended suppliers in order to have your pool platform installed. These suppliers will ensure that your pool platform is installed to Australian standards, which will ensure a safe work environment for all persons on the building site. Arden vale Homes will only accept pool platforms that have been certified to Australian standards. If you would like to use an alternative supplier, please contact us for approval.



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